Software Engineering

Venue: NUCES, Peshawar Campus
Semester: Fall 2011
Course Code: CS303
Course Title: Software Engineering
Credits: 3
Email: []
Contact: (091) 111-128-128 (Ext 133)
Grade Distribution: Assignment (10%), Research Paper (10%), Midterms (30%), Final Exam (50 %)
Pre-requisites: CS313-OOA&D

Course Objectives: 

This is an introductory course to software engineering. In this course, students will learn the major software engineering issues such as software requirements, design, process, and management. Students will also conduct team projects to practice how to apply major software engineering concepts and methods to software development problems.

Course Books:
Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach, 7th Ed. Roger S. Pressman, McGraw-Hill, 2009
Software Engineering, 8th Ed. Ian Sommerville. Pearson Education
A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design. Lee Copeland. Artech House, 2004.

Reference Books:
Object-Oriented Software Engineering . 7th Ed. Schach, Stephen R., McGraw Hill, 2008.

Weekly Topic Breakdown: 

  1. Introduction to Software Engineering , Socio-technical systems
  2. Software Process
  3. Process Models, Agile Development, Software Engineering Practices
  4. Requirements Engineering, Analysis Modeling
  5. Object Oriented Designing, Design Engineering
  6. User Interface Design
  7. Testing Strategies, Testing Tactics
  8. Product Metrics, Project Management
  9. Metrics and Estimation, Project Scheduling
  10. Risk Management, Quality Management
  11. Change Management, Formal Methods
  12. Component Based Software Development
  13. Software Reuse, Rapid Software Development
  14. Critical Systems Development , Software Evolution
  15. Service Oriented Software Engineering, Aspect-oriented Software Development
  16. Project Presentations

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