Matlab 7 under Windows 7

I had trouble getting Matlab 7 to work with Windows 7 RC even after setting the compatibility options. So, after a bit of search, here’s the solution (copied from ELFEHRIJ on with some minor changes).

After installing Matlab (use Classic Windows Theme if you have problems with the installer):

  1. To use Matlab with other windows 7 themes you have to change Java VM used by matlab.
  2. Download latest Java version and install it.
  3. Go to  <Matlab-installation-dir>\sys\java\jre\win32 you will find a folder named jre1.5.0_07 (or a similar version). Rename it to Original_<whatever was originally there>
  4. Go to C:\Program Files\Java you will find file named jre6. Copy it to <Matlab-installation-dir>\sys\java\jre\win32 and rename it to <original jre directory name>

This will ensure that Matlab uses the new JRE instead of the old one. Just start Matlab now!

Update: Thanks to “ra” and larry for the corrections.


  1. Thank you so much.
    The installation did not work correctly. But with your hints I’m smiling again!

    By the way change “file” with “folder”. This is a bit irritating.

  2. Thanks for the Java fix!
    I needed it for Matlab 2006 and it worked for that. Just change the word “file named…” to “folder named…” to avoid confusion.


  3. Wonderfull article. Nice to see great sharing.

  4. hey… what’s excatly the problem with matlab in windows 7? because i installed it normally, but when i open it, it automatically closes… is that it? how can i fix this?

  5. Thank you very much for the article! =)
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. nice it worked marvellous research man thanks

  7. Hola. En verdad que esta ayuda es genial. Traté de instalar Matlab 2006a en Windows 7 y toca deshabilitar el aero para poder ver bien los controles de la instalación.

    Luego seguí las instrucciones para habilitar la ejecución del programa con el aero, y les digo…¡funciona!

    Excelente sugerencia y full gracias.

  8. my problem is similiar with john question,i install normally but when i open can close directly,what can i do to solve this problem???????

  9. It works perfectly 🙂 Thank you for sharing!
    It also solves the problem with installed Matlab 7 not starting under Windows 7.

  10. thanks bro
    it really works
    great job man

  11. it works great! Thanks.
    One more comment:
    If you can not rename the jre1.5., you need to stop “Matlab Server” service.
    search for “view local service” in your windows 7.
    find Matlab Server and stop it.

  12. my matlab GUI program does not work using the above method. However the following method works using the original java lib. Windows 7 home premium, Matlab R2006a

    1.- open compatibility tab
    2.- Select windows 2000
    3.- mark the option to disable visual themes

    found from:

  13. Olá, muito obrigado. Seu artigo foi sensacional. Agradeço de verdade!!!!

  14. If you want to turn MATLAB2010 or other version on WINDOWS7 you need a RAM at least = 2Gb (2Go) if you have 1Gb you can run MATLAB but first you have to free some memory (RAM) by stoping the process that work in background (the use of the classical theme can help also)

    you can run MATLAB in the safe mode of windows.

  15. it worked great with me at first
    but now i have problem mit opening matlab help
    when i tried to open matlab help ,matlab stop responding
    any idea?

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