World's Smartest Person Challenge

We may not be the “World’s Smartest Person” but it never hurts to give the brain a little exercise. International High IQ Society is conducting an intelligence tournament at

What’s good about this test is that they’ve tried to minimize the impact of mathematical knowledge and cultural backgrounds. That’s one aspect of IQ tests I’ve always found disturbing. They give too much emphasis on formal methods of logic and maths. This one doesn’t though.

I always liked this society’s tests. This WSP challenge is really good too. Give it a try!


  1. i keep on getting really stumped on the math questions and the anologies

  2. I've got the math questions. It's those analogies I'm having trouble with. I'll be posing the answers to questions I've got. About the same time as HIQS's answers though.

  3. I love this website called it have very interesting brain games, also some cool trivia and riddles. I think you might like it.

  4. im an 11 yaer an my iq is 130

  5. im an 11 yaer an my iq is 130 is that good?

  6. My IQ is 84, now do you feel better ?

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